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Advertising Rates:
The Casino Connection is a self-contained web site.  Most links that leave our site take you to associated web sites.
This encourages visitors to remain on our site and improves your exposure.

We provide a variety of options like: banner ads, partial or full page ads or an entire site.  However, a site must be hosted on our server.  Once again, we do not allow links off our site unless they are associates. 

Listings: At this point are free.  We have no plans to charge for
 this service and provide information in this format for the visitors
 convenience.  However, we reserve the right to screen and deny or
 remove any listing we find offensive or not beneficial to our site.


Banner Ads: Come in many shapes and sizes.  They are custom designed for you and your product or service.

Price is based on the location in terms of which page on the site and where it will appear on that page and availability of space at the time.  Price is also based on the amount of visitor traffic a page generates.

Call us for a quote: (905) 892-3450 or 

Rotating Banner Ads: Are available for businesses that wish to share a space with another company.  

Pricing is based on the same system as the regular banner ad but comes in at a lower price because you share the space with another company.  This option saves us valuable space on the site and saves you money.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-339-4893 

Ribbon Ads: Come in many shapes and sizes.  They are custom designed for you and your product or service.

Price is based on the location in terms of which page you want on the site, the size you want and availability of space along with the amount of visitor traffic that page generates.

Ribbon refers to the gold bar on the left hand side of this page.  Although prices can change, you can get a general idea of cost below:

Main Directory Page: Is the second page of the site.  Everyone visiting the site uses this page as a site map and directory.  This is a heavy traffic zone.

Standard 105X150 pixel size ribbon ad to the left.  General price $50.00 per month.  All ads run a minimum     of 6 months.  Running an ad for less than six months is not effective. 

You can link your ad to a page or a site which is hosted on our server.  This allows visitors to get more information on your services or products.  There is no extra charge for this other than your fees for the page design and hosting.  Design of the ribbon ad is FREE.  For more info see Single Page Ads or Sites.

General Pricing For Other Pages:   For a general guide, lower traffic pages will usually accommodate a standard ad for around $20.00 per month with a six month minimum.  Call for pricing on larger ribbon ads..

Call us for a quote: (905) 892-3450 or 

Single Page Ads or Sites: Are available for any business that falls under a recognized category already supported by the Casino Connection. Your page or site will appear and be linkable within that related category.  For an example, motels, hotels, restaurants, gaming schools etc., are categories already established and supported by our site.  A business of this nature will fit within that category area.

Rates: $150.00 design fee per page, this is a one time fee.  Updates and changes at $50.00 per hour flat fee.

Hosting: Fees are required to pay for server space.  $150.00 per year with a one year minimum stay. 

Businesses that do not fall within an existing category area can purchase a ribbon or banner ad that will link to their own page (on our site) and will appear either as a separate page or as a pop-up page on the web site.  Note:  prices vary according to the page you wish to advertise on.

Web Sites: Are available and we host them on our site.  All sites on the Casino Connection are developed by us.  We do not allow other designers to advertise services that compete with our own.

Rates vary according to options like Java, CGI and database coding however, a general average will run at $150.00 per page for custom design and coding.  Hosting fees are outlined in other parts of this page.

For more detailed information regarding web site design, please visit Millenium Studios web site by clicking here. Have a great day!

Call Toll Free: 1-800-339-4893 

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