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The Como History

Francesco Antonacci came to America from Italy with little more than dream to sustain him. Struggling through the coal fields of Pennsylvania, he thought often of the joys and pleasure of meal-times in his native Italy. He moved to Niagara Falls, New York in the early twenties and in 1927 the dream came alive when he opened the Original Como Restaurant, specializing in Italian cuisine prepared in the true Old World manner where every dish is a reflection of the cooking artistry of the chef.

The Legend Continues

Francesco Antonacci's dream has continued to grow.
Nurtured by the culinary skill of the Antonacci family, the Como is now the largest and most famous Italian American restaurant in Niagara Falls, serving traditional dishes of both countries in a tastefully created atmosphere which conveys the charm and conviviality of Old Italy. The joy of food, accented by outstanding imported wines and liquors, makes dining at The Como Restaurant a memorable experience.

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The Como Restaurant
2220 Pine Avenue: US-62A
Niagara Falls, N.Y. 14301
Phone: (716) 285-9341


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