Welcome to Niagara Falls, Canada!               The World's Most Famous Address!                 The City of Romance, Attractions & Gaming!                 A Region of Natural Wonders!               Learn more about our community!

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Welcome to Niagara Falls Canada

Accommodations: Lists members that offer you rates, information and a look at their rooms before you book.  Check these people out first!
Motel Search: Is a database of all the motels and accommodations in the Niagara Region.  Over 200 options in this one-of-a-kind Niagara service! 
Restaurants: Is a quick reference to dining in Niagara.  From the fast food quickies to fine dining.  check it out!

Dining Search: Is a searchable database of 585 dining locations in the Niagara Region.  
Transportation: Is the place to figure out how to get from point "A" to "B"  in Niagara.

This includes travel by raod with rentals, airports, rail services and also Marina information for water transport.
Casino Info: Gets you right to the source of the Niagara gaming industry.  Visit us!  Bingo Horses Etc.: Includes other forms of gaming like off track betting, bingo, horse tracks etc.
Online Gaming: In our Falls Casino Games & Sportsbook area.  You can play for fun or  try your luck with real-time, real money wagers!   Tips & Tricks: Introduces you to one of the most experienced gaming experts of our era.  Robbie Robertson.  Check out his articles! 
Postcards: Are a great way to say hi! Let your friends know you were in Niagara or are visiting!  All custom pics from professional photographers! Contact Us: Is the place you go to say I thought the site was great or I think it needs this or that.  Drop us a line and let us know either way!

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