Inn by the Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada
Excellent Accommodations at Inn by the Falls

Please Note: refer to our reservation & booking policy lower on this page before booking. All confirmation and credit card transactions are done over the phone.


Starting From


$ 54.90


$ 64.90


$ 69.90


$ 79.90

July & August

$ 119.90


$ 74.90


$ 54.90

November to February

$ 49.90

* quoted rates are for weekdays in a standard room
discount for seniors
Group rates available only directly through contacting Inn

Jacuzzi Suite Rates from Inn by the Falls
Contact the Inn for our heart shaped jacuzzi suite rates
Call Toll Free NOW: 1-800-263-2571

2 Night Casino Getaway Packages

Call Toll Free NOW: 1-800-263-2571 

*all rates quoted in Canadian funds
* tax not included
* rates subject to change without notice
* rates for weekends and holidays are higher  

Please note: 
"You Must Confirm and Secure Your Reservations By Phone"

"Toll Free Number To Book & Confirm".
Call Toll Free NOW: 1-800-263-2571

Cancellation 3 days prior to arrival or one nights accommodation charge; packages, full charge.

Reservation Booking - full reservation information must be filled out
including name, address, phone number, arrival time, credit card number,
with expiry date or one nights deposit by postal money order
is needed to guarantee reservation. When providing booking
information over our Internet site, we expect you to call
and confirm your reservations and provide credit card
numbers only over the phone!! Not on our Internet Form.

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Inn by the Falls
5525 Victoria Avenue,
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada,
L2G 3L3
Telephone (905)374-6040
Call Toll Free: 1-800-263-2571
Fax:(905) 374-7715