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Location & Directions

Map of The Area

The top of this map indicates north, left is west, right is east and the bottom is south.  The right side of the map leads to Niagara Falls New York and the left is Niagara Falls, Canada, your destination.

Riverpark Motel is located directly in the path of the Niagara Parkway which leads to "The Falls", Dufferin Islands, the casino, the greenhouses and most other attractions including Niagara-On-The-Lake and the Fort Erie Race Track with horse racing and slot machines.  

The Falls is a three minute ride from our motel.  Marineland and Game Farm is a two minute drive and so is the Niagara Parks People Mover Station where you can hop on board the People Mover and visit all of the attractions without driving.  We're close, convenient and offer a relaxed setting, just minutes away from everything.  Think about it! 

From The Rainbow Bridge: Visitors from the U.S. entering Canada from the Rainbow Bridge via Niagara Falls, New York should follow these directions: Cross at the Rainbow Bridge into Canada.  Follow the road you are on (Roberts St.) until you come to the second set of lights.  This will be Stanley Ave.  Turn left on Stanley and follow this street until you come to the end.  This street ends at McLeod Road.  There are a set of lights here.  Turn left, you will go under a train bridge.  Continue following this street and you will pass Marineland.  Continue ahead and about 1/2 mile on your right hand side you will see the Riverpark Motel.

From Toronto:  Follow the Q.E.W Highway toward Niagara Falls.  Follow the signs on the Highway and keep right when the signs indicate a choice of Niagara Falls and Fort Erie.  Stay to the right and go toward Fort Erie.  Fight your natural instinct to go toward Niagara Falls.  This will cost you at least another 15 minutes of driving time if you do not follow these directions.  Heading for Fort Erie, Exit at the McLeod Rd., off ramp which is the first exit to the right.  Turn left at the lights and follow McLeod Rd., which turns into Portage Rd.  The Riverpark Motel is situated a little over a mile from the off ramp on the right hand side, just past Marineland.  

From Fort Erie: Visitors from the U.S. crossing at The Peace Bridge, from Buffalo, New York into Fort Erie Canada should follow these directions: Exit the Peace Bridge and follow the Q.E.W. (Queen Elizabeth Highway) into Niagara.  Exit left at the McLeod Road off ramp and turn right.  Follow the road until you see the Riverpark Motel on the right hand side of the road approximately one mile from your exit.

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