Tandoor Hut Location #1

The oldest Indian Restaurant in Niagara Falls
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Welcome to the finest indian cuisine, meals homecooked in the traditional fashion! You could travel around the world but, wouldn't find a better deal anywhere. Open daily 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


How about a sampling of our food? Try this short list out for size.


Papadam (2pc) -thin fried, crisp, spiced lentil cracker

Seekh kabob-spiced minced meat cooked INDIAN style

Chicken tikka-pieces of boneless marinated chicken mixed with onion

Lentil soup

Tomato soup

Soup of the day


Makhani dal / masoor dal

Channa curry -a chick pea curry made in INDIAN spices

Alu piaz -a blend of onions & alu cooked in a dry style

Alu ghobi -alu & cauliflower mixed together in a fine blend of spices

Saag -fresh green spinach made in spices

Begnan bhartha -egg plant cooked in INDIAN spices

Saag paneer -fresh green spinach cooked lightly with homemade paneer in spices

Mutter paizeer -homemade paneer with green peas in fine curry


Chicken curry -chicken pieces cooked in thefinest blend of INDIAN spices

Chicken vindaloo -a hot cuny dish with potatoes and hot spices

Chicken do piaza -a blend of chicken with lots of onions & green pepper s

Chicken muglai -a mix of spices and vegetable

Butter chicken -a cream style curry with a touch of butter

.Indian style chilli chicken -a blend of green peppers, onions, vegetables & hot chilles.

Keema curry -minced meat cooked with peas and served in thick curry.

Tandooi Style Dishes -chicken marinated overnight with Indian spiecs, oven cooked.

Rice Dishes, Breads & Salads

Indian Chicken Sizzler Special

All You Can Eat Buffet

Thali 10 Item Special

Beverages, Desserts & Much More

Now that you've worked up an appetite reading our short list, why not drop in and visit us soon!!!

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Tandoor Hut

5951 Clark Avenue
Niagara Falls, Canada
(905) 374-6446

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